The following unsolicited testimonials were provided by lawyers and clients who have recently worked with Emily S. Bair & Associates.

 “I endorse this lawyer’s work. Ms. Bair is the ultimate professional. Whether as a mediator, arbitrator or lawyer, she takes her work seriously and is very effective. I highly recommend her.”

Randall Kessler Attorney at Law Atlanta, GA


“Sandy was a great attorney for me when I needed reliability the most. She is experienced, caring, and thorough. I highly recommend her.”

Divorce Client


“Ms. Bair handled a very contentious divorce case and subsequent alimony modification action for me. My ex-wife tried hard to litigate numerous extraneous issues, engage in abusive discovery and take unnecessary depositions. I am an attorney myself, and she worked to avoid inflaming a hostile plaintiff and move the case to a settlement. She is known for those skills.”

Divorce Client


“When my divorce proceedings started I hired a lawyer in a large firm. After months of having little access to my lawyer and getting no results, I called Sandy. It was after hours, she personally answered the phone and talked to me for an hour. I felt comfortable talking to her, was grateful for the time she gave to me on the phone and felt good about her opinions. I made an appointment to see her.

Sandy was not only immediately accessible and kept me informed, but she involved me in the research and paper work. This not only saved me money, but empowered me with information and facts about my case.

Sandy was realistic about the case and told me what I needed to do to get the job done quickly and cost efficiently. I trusted her and felt I had a professional who was concerned about my future and welfare. I highly recommend her.”

Divorce Client


“Emily (“Sandy”) Bair is a woman of immense intellect, with the determination to do her best for her client. She is a woman of few words, but every word she speaks counts. She will never ramble on either in her office or in court. Judges respect that. Her preparation is meticulous. She will cut you off if you rattle on, to remind you that you are paying her to hear you vent, and that there are cheaper people to vent to.

My case had been going on for seven years when she took it over. I had just been through a hearing using another attorney. Having already been found in contempt, I hired Sandy Bair who appealed part of the court order and convinced the court to reduce my penalties as the action giving rise to the contempt had been performed by me immediately following and in accord with the specific and express legal advice of my former attorney.

If you are looking for sweet and chatty, don’t hire Sandy. If you are looking for an intelligent, experienced, straight-talking, hard-working, honest lawyer who can cut through legal BS- she is all that. I also think she is a female lawyer that men would be comfortable hiring.”

Divorce Client

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