Paternity & Legitimation




Parental rights and obligations in cases where a child is born out of wedlock can be complex for both the mother and the father. Emily S. Bair & Associates diligently protects your rights in paternity and legitimation actions.

Legitimation: Protecting the Rights of Fathers and Childrenpaternity

Paternity must be conclusively determined before a court will recognize your rights as a father. Although you may be named as the father on a birth certificate, under Georgia law, you have no legal standing or rights to a child born out of wedlock. Sandy S. Bair & Associates will file the required petitions to determine paternity. Following the establishment of paternity through the courts, the father will have the right to:

  • Visit the child
  • Petition for physical, shared or joint legal custody of the child
  • Object to the adoption of the child
  • Receive child support when appropriate

Recognizing that the “best interests of the child” are of the utmost importance, Emily S. Bair & Associates also represents mothers in legitimation actions when it is in the child’s best interests to deny a father’s rights.

Paternity: Protecting the Rights of Mothers and Fathers

Both the mother and the father have a need for legal counsel regarding paternity issues. On the maternal side, paternity actions generally occur when a father refuses to pay child support, or when a mother wishes to clearly define the father’s responsibilities and duties.

On the paternal side, fathers may need to be defended against allegations made by the mother regarding child support. Before child support is awarded, definitive proof that the father is the child’s biological father must be agreed upon. This is typically accomplished through DNA testing.

Emily S. Bair & Associates will vigorously defend the rights of both fathers and mothers, while keeping the best interests of the child top of mind.