Divorce, child support, child custody and other matters of family law can be settled through mediation, which is typically more amicable and less expensive than cases resolved in court. In mediation, couples work together, with a neutral, skilled mediator, to resolve issues of spousal support, property division, child custody and other issues. Emily S. Bair & Associates recommends mediation to those genuinely interested in a constructive, compassionate resolution to divorce – a resolution that is mutually beneficial to all parties as they move forward post-divorce. As a certified mediator, Sandy Bair encourages fair and balanced remedies, guarantees impartiality, and assists couples in maintaining a positive relationship both during and after the divorce.

Following a successful mediation, a divorce may proceed immediately if there are grounds for fault, or may be issued in twelve months on no-fault grounds. Most importantly, the couple remains in control of their future, and can stop mediation and pursue litigation at any point in the process.