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 Family law matters require a balance between collaboration and litigation. When choosing a firm to represent your rights and those of your family, you deserve an attorney with trusted expertise, integrity, and dedication. Emily S. Bair & Associates specializes exclusively in family law, looks after your best interests with compassion, and will aggressively get the best result possible. The firm is committed to delivering high quality legal representation in a cost effective and personal manner.

 With over 38 years of practice focused exclusively on family law, Emily S. Bair & Associates balances the results and capability of a large firm, with the personal attention, flexibility and sensitivity that only a small firm can provide. Our comprehensive representation includes, but is not limited to:

Child Custody Disputes
Complex Property Division
Contempts & Enforcement
Alimony/Spousal Support
Child Support/Visitation
Prenuptial Agreements
Paternity & Legitimation
Domestic Partnerships
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In addition, Emily S. Bair & Associates has an extensive practice in alternative dispute resolution including Family Law Mediation and Family Law Arbitration. These alternatives are expedient, flexible and therefore less expensive than court proceedings. They also avoid some of the hostility that arises in litigation, allowing family members to proceed more amicably as each moves forward with their life.